Explanation of New Fees

Dear Patient,

As the American healthcare system has evolved over the past several years, small independent medical practices have started to become a thing of the past. There is increasing pressure for doctors to become employees of enormous corporate systems such as INOVA. We continue to enjoy taking care of our patients’ medical needs, and want to keep on practicing medicine the way we have done for the past 25+ years.

As you have noticed, we have begun instituting fees for various activities that take a great deal of administrative time. This is the price we all pay to stay in business. We hope that you understand.

We would like to highlight our current fees:

  1. Refills: We are now charging $15 as a flat fee for prescription refills. You will not be charged for prescriptions received during an office visit. Because some people are on multiple medications, or require monthly written refills for certain medications, this will be capped at $90 per year.
  2. Medical Reports/Physical Forms: $10- $150
  3. “Prior-Authorizations”—obtaining insurance approval for medications: $45
  4. Missed Appointment and Same Day Cancellation: $35
  5. Missed Physical Appointment: $75
  6. Physical Exam: A regular “check-up” or “physical” consists of two parts. The first part is the “preventive” service, which is completely covered by your insurance. There is no cost to you. This includes a complete review of “preventive” medical services (Are you due for a colonoscopy? Have you had your mammogram? Are you due for any vaccinations? etc.). The second part of a physical is considered by your insurance company to be “routine.” This includes time spent diagnosing and treating your medical issues. If you have a “deductible” or Health Savings Account, you will be billed for this part of your “physical.”

Thank you for your patience as we work to keep our practice sustainable in this new situation. We value you as a continuing patient.

Robert S. Enelow, MD                        Stuart I. Henochowicz, MD